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IELTS PRO Online Speaking and Writing
IELTS PRO Online Speaking and Writing
How do the writing classes work?
Choose a writing class assignment and send me your writing.
All students receive a full detailed analysis within 24 hours:
After you send your writing, you will get:
1) An evaluation of your performance according to public IELTS band scores:
  • Task Response/Achievement, 
  • Coherence and Cohesion, 
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar  
2) An analysis of your strong and weak points
3) Tips, tricks, and strategies  on how to improve your performance
4) Links to theory, videos and exercises for self-study
All writing tasks also include a sample answer

Download and view this FREE SAMPLE with

valuable information on IELTS Writing:

Sending options for writing  tasks 1 and 2


You have 4 options for sending me your writing:


1) Download and choose one of my IELTS writing task 1 or task 2 assignments:






2) Request a random IELTS task 1or task 2 question.   Please let me know this by filling in the box called NOTES when make the payment.


3) Request a certain task 1 or task 2 question (for example, a process or map). Please let me know this by filling in the box called NOTES when make the payment.


4) Send me a sample of your IELTS task 1 writing based on a task you find in yout textbook or online.  You can even send me your homework assignment from your class!  In this case, you must also send me the question.    


For all writing tasks, feel free to 


  • send a word document OR

  • a scanned copy of your handwriting

(however, it will be much easier to see my analysis if you

type the writing and send it as an MS Word or Google doc)


Send writing to:

Or share it with me in the HELLO! (Let's Talk!) tab below.


Feel free to contact me with any questions.   If you would like to chat on skype about these classes, just make an appointment!


AT IELTS PRO, we offer you the personal attention you need to improve your score.


Unlike other online services, IELTS PRO allows you to design your OWN course and to get EXPERT help on only the writing tasks and skills which you need to improve.  


Even if you are already a good writer, it is important to understand how IELTS examiners evaluate your writing and how to improve your skills to get the best score possible.


IELTS PRO is the perfect online resource to help you get the score you want.


Send me your writing task 1 and get a full analysis and evaluation with tips, strategies and ideas to improve your performance


SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER - 5 Writing task 1 reports

ON the IELTS exam, candidates often have to describe a graph, but you could also get a map, a table, a process diagram or a combination of elements.   Choose this option to practice all 5 at a special price! Use my sample tasks or request 5 random tasks.



Send me your writing task 2 response and get a full analysis and evaluation with tips, strategies and ideas to improve your performance

$ 20.00


Every IELTS essay question has a different task.   For example, you may have have to agree or disagree with a statement, describe problems and solutions, or discuss both sides of an argument.    Use this package to get practice with the most common essay types.


TIMED PRACTICE - IELTS writing tasks 1 and 2

One of the most important skills in writing for the IELTS exam is time management.  Many good writers fail to achieve the score they desire becuse of poor time management.


In this exercise, I will send you a task 1 and a task 2 question and a document on strategies for good time management.  Do not open the writing tasks until you have an hour free to writeRead the document to understand the strategy.When you are ready, open the files and complete both tasks in 1 hour.


As in the above lesssons, I will analyze your writing and give you tips on how to improve the important features examiners are looking for:


-Task Achievement

-Coherence and Cohesion




You will also receive a very detailed report on the grammar issues you face, with links or exercises for self-study and a sample answer for all the essay questions I provide..


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