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1)  Some people believe that the primary role of the government should be to focus on developing the economy.   Others feel that it is more important for governments to focus on protecting the environment.


Discuss both views and give your opinion.




2) In some countries, the government gives money to people who cannot find employment.   What effects does this have on indiviuals and on society?


Do you think the overall effect is positive or negative?




3)   Some countries spend an enormous amount of money on space exploration.   However, critics argue that this money would be better spent solving problems on our planet, and in particular helping people starving to death and living in poor conditions.


To what extent do you agree with is opinion?




4) Students who study abroad have to face a number of challenges.


Identify some of these challenges and explain who they can be dealth with




5) At present, the differences between countries are becoming less evident because people all over the world see the same TV shows, websites, advertisements and follow the same fashions and purchase the the same brands.


Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?



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