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The Computer-Delivered IELTS - Is it the right choice?

At present, some official IELTS test centres are starting to offer Computer Delivered IELTS exams. Therefore, many students now have the opportunity to choose between the traditional paper-based exam or the new computer delivered exam.

One of the first IELTS Exam Centers to offer Computer Delievered IELTS in Canada is Precise Solutions, which is centrally located in downtown Toronto, Canada.


Precise Solutions Official IELTS test centre:


In terms of content and difficulty, the Computer Delivered exam is exactly the same as the traditional, paper-based exam.

There are a number of advantages to taking the computer version, but also one significant drawback:


  • Greater flexibility in terms of scheduling your exam - many centres have availability 7 days per week

  • You get your results faster (between 5-7 days)

  • Most people find it easier to use a keyboard for the writing rather than a pen

  • All computer-based exams are done with headphones for better sound quality


  • The interface may be a little confusing if you have not become familiar with it

As you can see, there is one main disadvantage which definitely needs to be dealt with - the familiarity with the new interface. Imagine that you use a PC laptop every day at work, and suddenly one day, your boss forces you to use a MAC. You could probably still do all your work, but it would take a little more time and be a little awkward at first.

Without preparing for the Computer Delivered IELTS, you would experience something similar. You may be familiar with the paper-based exam, but If you are not used to the computer version, you will most likely lose valuable time trying to figure out how to control certain aspects of the interface, when you should be focusing exclusively on the exam. For example, one useful feature of the computer version is that it allows you to highlight text and make notes in the reading section just as if you were using paper. It is therefore a great advantage to know how to do this in advance and also be good at manipulating all the other control features. For all these reasons, I strongly advise you to get used to the computer interface before attempting the computer delivered version, as it can contribute toward higher performance on the exam.

I would strongly advise everyone to not only view the following tutorial but also do practice tests at home on the computer interface before actually booking your exam.


Computer Delivered IELTS Tutorial:


PRACTICE TESTS (Computer Delivered)


Academic Reading and Writing

General Reading and Writing



The Speaking part is exactly the same as before - a face-to-face interview with an IELTS speaking examiner.

The only difference is that in centers like Precise Solutions, you have greater flexibility to schedule your speaking exam when it is most convenient for you.


If you have any other questions about the computer delivered exam, or anything else related to IELTS, feel free to send me a personal email to:

You can also send me a message if you are interested in personal one-on-one tutoring in exam preparation by one of Canada’s leading IELTS experts.


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