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What does it mean?

I hope you enjoyed the quiz so far. Now to reveal your true, inner personality...

Ok, Just kidding. This quiz is more for fun than anythings else but sometimes, there are some nice connections made.

Here is what your answers mean:


1 The 3 things you chose represent the THREE MOST IMPORTANT things to you in life.

In most cases the answers are more symbolic than literal. for example

money = material things, wealth

camera = memories

knife = protection/security

cell phone = communication/networking



2. The way you see the JUNGLE is the way you see LIFE

Some may see it as beautiful, lush and stunning, whereas others may see it as dark, stinky and dangerous... or anything in between.


3. The HOUSE represents SOCIAL LIFE or how you are when meeting new people

If you go right inside the house, you find it easy to enter into new social situations

If you just look inside, you may be more shy

If you avoid the house, you are more of an introvert



4. The TIGER represents PROBLEMS or DANGER

Do you run away or face the TIGER?