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Congratulations Natalia!

Another successful student!! I am so proud of Natalia for achieving her goals and getting the IELTS score she needed - a bandscore of 8 overall! Here is a short interview with her, in which she gives a couple of tips and talks about her experience.

I first met Natalia when she signed up for one of my IELTS mini-courses with two other students. After the mini-course, she took a few private classes to work on and polish her skills in writing and speaking. A few days later, she took the test and received her score:

Reading 9

Listening 8.5

Speaking 7.5

Writing 7

Overall 8

If you are interested in taking the same course as Natalia, or private classes, please send me an personal email to

Here are some features of the courses:

  • Real-time writing analysis (send me your writing I will analyze your writing first before the class, then we go over it together. You can also edit your work in your own time and all changes are saved on google drive.)

  • Speaking practice with official or original exams

  • Precise evaluation of your performance in speaking and writing

  • Identification of the areas you need to improve

  • Tips and strategies for improving performance in reading and listening as well as in speaking and writing

  • Key strategies for developing your own method of self-study to maximize your time and minimize the cost you pay for lessons

I will also send you

  • Your edited writing with my comments

  • Samples from other students with my comments

  • Links to relevant sites for skill development (if necessary)

  • My notes on how to quickly maximize your performance

  • Methodology for self-study and step-by-step improvement

  • Audio and/or video recordings of the lessons in the course.

In any case, the classes are fully customized to your needs and I will make every effort to give you the maximum potential for reaching your goals.

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