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CELPIP Intensive course

Hi there

Do you need to improve your CELPIP writing and speaking scores from 8 to 9?

Is the CELPIP a new exam for you? In both cases, I have the solution.

I would like to inform you that I have developed a new, complete 6 hour intensive CELPIP preparation program, focusing on WRITING and SPEAKING.

This is designed to give you all the tips, strategies and study skills you need to succeed!

I am still available for private classes but you may find this offer interesting!

CELPIP Preparation

This course is suitable for people who need to improve their scores from 8 to 9!

...and also for those who are new to the CELPIP, it covers all the most important keys to getting a high score.

The intensive course will include:

  • A walk through of each section of the writing and speaking exam

  • Strategies for preparation and improving performance

  • Tips

  • Some practice on each section

  • Sample answers

  • Self-study methodology

  • A question/answer period

  • A special section on pronunciation/accent reduction - time permitting

There will be 3 classes of 120 minutes. The breakdown is approximately:

  • 3 hours speaking

  • 2 hours writing

  • 1 extra practice, writing analysis, or pronunciation/accent reduction.


The price of the course:

Mini- INTENSIVE COURSE - 6 hours

30$/hr (X6 hrs) = 180 dollars

with a 20$ discount = 160$ (minimum 2 students)

  • The normal charge for private classes would be 6.0 X 40 = $240 (see below) Therefore, you will save $105 if you take advantage of the intensive course.

  • As an added bonus: If you take the INTENSIVE course, any subsequent courses will be at my lowest fee.


1-2 classes - 60$/hr

3-7 classes - 45$/hr

8 + classes - 40$/hr


This 6 hour intensive course is a more complete version of my shorter mini-courses, which were very successful in 2017. You can hear some reviews from former students here:

I plan to hold these classes 2 times per month during 2018. If you would like to know the start date of the next course, please contact me at:

After the theory, strategies and tips, you may want to do practical classes to get individual feedback on your speaking and writing. In this case, you may decide to do private classes or classes in pairs or small groups Therefore, after the intensive course you can choose either:

a) continue in pairs or in a small group

b) take private lessons or

c) do the speaking with a partner

d) just continue with self-study

REMEMBER: If you take the INTENSIVE course, any subsequent courses will be at my lowest fee

If interested in classes, or if you would like to have a FREE CONSULTATION, please email me personally at

In any case, I wish you the BEST of luck with your CELPIP exam!!!


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