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Writing task 1- From the REAL World

In my last blog, I wrote about trying to see the BIG picture when writing about the overview (main idea) in an IELTS writing task 1 question.

Today let's look at a graph from the REAL WORLD, which is trending on social media right now.

This graph shows results from a referendum held in England. A referendum is held to give the people in the country the right to choose between two or more options. In this case, the question was:


Do you want England to stay (remain) in the European Union (EU) or to leave?


So, my question to all you IELTS students is this:

Can you write one sentence to describe the overall idea shown in this chart?

In order to do this, try to see the BIG picture. If you find it difficult think about this: What message are the numbers telling me? What do you understand about the people who voted in this referendum. Do you see any trends? How can you express these trends?

So: your challenge:

1) Write one sentence describing the overview (main idea) of the table above

Please put your comments below.

The student with the best answer will win a FULL IELTS SPEAKING and WRITING PRACTICE test (FREE). The speaking test will be 45 minutes by skype and the writing test will

This test will include an evaluation of your level according to real IELTS scoring criteria and TIPS on how to improve your speaking and writing scores. This is great practice is you need to take the IELTS soon.

Please write your sentence in the comments box below:

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