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IELTS PRO Online Speaking and Writing

Are you worried about the writing section of the IELTS exam?


If so, maybe you have:


-already studied at home, at a language center or online but still need to improve your writing skills.


 -tried writing task 1 or task 2 in practice tests or on the real exam but you can't seem to get higher than a 5 or 6 on your band score.


-learned a lot of theory but you aren't sure how to turn your knowledge into a high band score.


If that is the case, you need to take action now and gain confidence to get the score you need. 

At IELTS PRO, you get one-on-one help


Check out this



mark your writing

AT IELTS PRO, you get the personal attention you need to improve your score


At IELTS PRO, there is no need to study lots of theory or do lots of lessons.  You  design your OWN course and get EXPERT help on only the writing tasks and skills which you need to improve.  


Even if you are already a good writer, it is important to understand how IELTS examiners evaluate your writing and how you can improve your skills to get the best score possible.


The main reason students get lower scores than expected are:


  • they may not be familiar with the writing tasks

  • they do not know how to organize their ideas

  • they are not fully prepared

  • they have not had enough practice

  • they do not know what the examiners are looking for

  • they have not had enough personal guidance from an experienced teacher 



AT IELTS PRO Online, you will 


  • get an evaluation of your writing according to public band scores

  • learn how to improve those scores

  • understand what examiners are looking for

  • get tips, strategies and techniques for better writing

  • practice time management

  • learn how to always score high in task achievement

  • learn how to master coherence and cohesion

  • learn how to impress examiners with your vocabulary and grammar

  • gain confidence in your writing skills

IELTS PRO is the perfect online resource to help you get the score you want because each course is personalized just for you.


You can do it.   After improving your writing skills you will walk into the exam full of confidence and ready to get your best score.


There is no time like the present.   So get started today!

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IELTS PRO Online Speaking and Writing

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

or make an appointment for a free consultation.


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