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What is on the IELTS speaking exam?


The IELTS speaking exam lasts for 11-14 minutes and consists of 3 parts: 


In part 1 (from 4-5 minutes) the examiner asks the candidate questions about his or her background and also some specific topics, often about lifestyle, hobbies or interests.


In part 2, the examiner gives the candidate a topic card.  The candidate must speak about the topic for 1-2 minutes.   The candidate has 1 minute to prepare what he or she is going to say.


In part 3, the examiner asks the candidate more difficult questions, which are often related to the topic in section 2.   These questions often require the candidate to offer opinions or to make suggestions or predictions.   This is the most difficult and the most important part of the speaking exam.   

How is your speaking evaluated?
Ielts examiners consider 4 criteria when evaluating your writing:
  • Fluency and  Coherence - how long and effectively you can speak
  • Lexical Resource (Vocabulary)  - the words you use
  • Grammar  - the sentence structure and grammatical features you use
  • Pronunciation - the sounds you make and other phonological features
Examiners will look for both positive and negative features for all of the above criteria. Therefore, when analyzing your own work, you should do the same to identify areas which you need to improve.  
For fluency and coherence, for example, examiners will look at how long you can speak about certain topics.  The longer and more naturally you can speak, the better.   However, they will also check to see if you need to pause, correct yourself or slow down to be able to keep going.   They will also evaluate how effectively you connect your ideas together.
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descriptors for the IELTS exam:
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How do IELTS PRO Online class work?


1) Choose which class you wish to join

2) Book the class - Choose a time and make the payment

3) At the appointment time, contact me on SKYPE:  skype name - ieltslarry


4) If your plans change and you cannot make the appointment, please contact me in advance and we can choose an other time.



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What are the classes like?


IELTS SIMULATION - 30 minutes:


1)  We have a full IELTS simulation, which will be almost exactly like the real test. 

2)  I will give you immediate feedback on your performance.

3)  I will give you some tips and suggestions on how to improve your score.

4)  I will later send you a video of your performance .

5)  I will send you some valuable links that you can use for self study in order to improve your score.


After that, you may book another class to check your progress if you think you need it.






This class includes everything in the IELTS SIMULATION class, PLUS:


  • more time to discuss your weak points

  • more tips, tricks and strategies

  • additional practice with extra IELTS exam questions

  • a written report on your performance along with strategies and links SENT IMMEDIATELY


NOTE:   the class will be 45  by Skype.  In the rest of the time, I will prepare your personalized report and send it at the end of the hour.

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