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IELTS PRO Online Speaking and Writing
IELTS PRO Online Speaking and Writing

Do you have to take the IELTS in the near future?


Do you feel nervous speaking in exam situations?


Do you need more confidence when speaking?


Most students learn a lot of theory in traditional or online classes, but often do not get useful speaking practice.


IELTS PRO Online Speaking courses give you the chance to practice your speaking under exam conditions and learn:


  • exactly what examiners are looking for

  • what your level is according to IELTS band scores

  • tips and strategies for improving fluency and pronunciation

  • how to impress examiners with your vocabulary and grammar

All Speaking classes at IELTS PRO include an exam simulation under official IELTS exam conditions.  


You receive immediate feedback with suggestions on

how to improve your score AND: 


1) a detailed analysis of your performance  

2) an evaluation of your band score potential

3) tips, tricks and strategies for improving your performance

4) links to online resources for self-study


You can take as many classes as you need.

Remember that practice makes perfect!

What are the classes like?


IELTS Practice Exam - 30 minutes:


1)  We have a full IELTS practice exam, just like the real test, AND


  • immediate feedback

  • an evaluation according to IELTS band scores

  • tips, tricks, strategies and suggestions

  • a video for self study





This class includes everything in the IELTS SIMULATION class, PLUS:


  • more time to discuss your weak points

  • more tips, tricks and strategies

  • additional practice with extra IELTS exam questions

  • a written report on your performance along with strategies and links SENT IMMEDIATELY


NOTE:   the class is about 50 minutes  by Skype.  In the rest of the time, I will prepare your personalized report..




IELTS SPEAKING Parts 1, 2 or 3:


These classes are best for people who would like an introduction to the speaking exam or need extra practice. Classes include:


  • introduction to the content and procedure of the exam

  • tips on what examiners are looking for and how to answer questions effetively

  • practice with real IELTS questions

  • feedback on your performance and suggestions for improvement

How do IELTS PRO Online class work?


1) Choose which class you wish to join

2) Book the class - Choose a time and make the payment

3) At the appointment time, contact me on SKYPE:  skype name - ieltslarry


4) If your plans change and you cannot make the appointment, please contact me in advance and we can choose an other time.

At IELTS PRO, you can choose which classes are best for you.


If you want to feel confident going into your speaking exam, don't wait and try your free class today!


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If you have any problems with the booking forms above, please contact me in the form below:

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