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Improve your Grammar - IELTS ACADEMIC Writing Task 1

In this video,

I analyze a student's writing

and show how to turn GOOD sentences into

EXCELLENT sentences

Here is one of the sentences I analyze:

This figure then rose marginally by just 1000 in 1992, followed by a slight increase to 27,000 in 1997, before falling to 21,000 in 2002, and then increased steadily to almost 30,000 in the final year

Does it seem correct to you? Well, there is a major problem with it.

If you are not sure what the problem is, check out the video:

Here is another one which is pretty much OK in terms of grammar, but which can also be improved.

Despite a brief drop in the number of visitors from just under 40,000 in 1987 to 30,000 in 1992, this figure increased dramatically to 55,000 in 1997.

To see a more effective way to express this idea, check out the video!

If you have any questions or are interested in classes, contact me personally at:

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