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Last weeks' official IELTS writing task 1--- now THAT was spooky (Tips on MAPS)

When I saw last week's IELTS exam, it was almost


The writing task 1 question was to describe the changes in a floor plan, and it was almost exactly like this question shown here, which I had designed about 6 months ago.








The only difference was that the question in the real exam was about a community center rather than a school and you had to compare the present floor plan with a proposed expansion for the future

TIPS on Describing MAPS

FOR the following, Imagine the question is to describe Springfield Primary school NOW (first map) and the proposed changes (second map) as in the official exam.

When writing about a map, remember the following:

1) Make SURE to include an overview

2) Make SURE to include the Key features and major changes

3) When describing the details use the following:

a) language to describe changes ( The library will be converted into the Principal's office)

b) language for the location of the main items on the map (The main entrance will be on the south side of the building between the main office and the gym)

c) language for comparisons ( a new library will be constructed on the west of the building and will be twice as large as the existing library)

NOTE: you should also mention the items that remain the same (do NOT change)

FOR A FULL FREE SAMPLE of this writing task, send me a quick email to

or contact me on skype at ieltslarry

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