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General Training - A small but VERY important word

If you are doing the General Training exam for the IELTS, there is one small but very important word you need to consider when doing writing task 1.

This word is AND.

Why is it so important?

Paying attention to this small word can have a big influence on your score for TASK ACHIEVEMENT

In writing task 1, you need to include ALL the KEY FEATURES in your answer. As you know, there are normally 3 bullet points which indicate these key features. Let's look at an example from a recent IELTS exam:

Task 1 - Letter to a Bank Manager.

You are unable to attend a meeting you had arranged with your bank manager.

You should include:

--The date and purpose of your meeting

--The reason you cannot attend

--A suggestion for a new date and time

Note that the word AND appears in bullet points 1 and 3.

This means that you must include all 5 points in your answer:

--date of original meeting

--purpose of original meeting

--reason you cannot attend

--suggestion for a date

--suggestion for a time

If you forget to mention the time, it means that you have not included all the key features!

This could result in a low score for task achievement. In fact, you could get a 5 for task achievement, even if the rest of your writing is done beautifully.

However, if you DO include all of these key features, and expand on them appropriately, you could get a 8 or even a 9 for task achievement.

Therefore I hope you can see that this small word can make a BIG difference to your mark!

Remember, I always appreciate and comments or questions....

and if you are interested in knowing more about my special writing classes, just send me an email to

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