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Process Diagrams - How to write a proper overview and INCREASE your score

This week, there was a process diagram on the official IELTS exam.

Process diagrams only show up occasionally on IELTS exams but students need to be ready just in case...

One of the most misunderstood ideas about process diagrams concerns the overview.

If you understand this carefully, it will help you increase your score significantly.

From the results of the current exams, it is clear that many students do not pay enough attention to the overview when writing about process diagrams. IELTS examiners can only give you a good score for task achievement if you write a proper overview for your report.

Last week the process was about recycling glass bottles and the question was something like this:

The following diagram shows the process of how old glass bottles are recycled and made into new ones.

Most students successfully paraphrased this sentence in their answers. They wrote something like this:

The diagram illustrates how new glass bottles are made from recycling used bottles and shows 7 steps.

This above sentence describes the TOPIC of the diagram but does NOT really give an overview. According to IELTS criteria, an overview must IDENTIFY MAIN TRENDS OR KEY FEATURES.

How to do this?

Well, a process diagram is similar to a graph.

In a graph, you identify to the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES.

In a process, identify the MOST IMPORTANT STEPS in the PROCESS.

Therefore, a good overview would be something like this:

The diagram illustrates seven steps in the process of glass recycling, including the stages of collecting used bottles, crushing and melting glass, and forming new bottles.

So, if you write an overview similar to the one I did above, indicating the main features of the process, you will get a much higher score of TASK ACHIEVEMENT than if you just paraphrase the question.

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