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Last week's official IELTS ESSAY - A Tricky Question on International Travel

Last week in the official IELTS exam, the Essay question in the General Exam was actually harder than in the Academic exam.

This was the question for the Academic Exam:

The main reason for most people to choose their job or career is money.

To what extent do you agree?

This was the question for the General Exam:

According to some people, there may be a reduction in international travel in the future.

Would the impact of this be positive or negative?

Most candidates in the official exam answered the Academic question quite well as it is quite easy to understand. However, many candidates in the General Exam misunderstood the question and got low marks for Task Achievement.

Can anyone tell me WHY the General question was trickier? PLEASE post your answer in the comments below or on the Facebook page. If you are on a mobile phone scroll all the way DOWN to find the comments box.

I will continue this blog and give you tips on how to analyze these questions and make an effective outlike once I get at least one comment to the question above.

If you would like to get free samples of my writing analyses, please contact me below or send me an email to

I am happy to share my knowledge with you, but I need the email to share the document because it is in my google drive.

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