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PLANNING - for Writing Task 1

Most students know that it is a good idea to make a plan before writing your essay for writing task 2.

However, it is ALSO a good idea to plan before writing your report in task 1.

The GOOD NEWS, is that you can do it very easily and quickly, with one handy tool: YOUR PEN.

The idea is to IDENTIFY KEY FEATURES by circling them or drawing a symbol. This helps you to organize your ideas and also to make sure that you do not waste precious time by writing about irrelevant details.

Let's look at the graph below. In this graph, I indicated some of the KEY FEATURES in red circles and BLUE arrows.


  • Radio hits a peak in the morning and then declines gradually (red circle)

  • TV hits a peak in the evening (red circle)

  • Radio is more popular than TV in the morning (blue arrow)

  • TV is more popular than the radio in the afternoon and evening (blue arrow)

  • The figures are equal at 1:00 (red circle)

It will probably only take about a minute to do this on your diagram, but it gives you a great starting point to begin your writing.

It helps you to see the key features and can also help you to see the OVERVIEW


You can do this same kind of planning for any kind of graph, a map, a table or a process

IF you would like to see HOW to organize these ideas into a great IELTS WRITING TASK 1 report, I can share my document with you.

At the moment, it is only available on google docs.

So, just send me your email address in the contact form below and I will share the document with you.

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