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An important Technique for Academic Essay Writing

In order to distinguish between facts and claims, or in order to show uncertainty, writers often use language such as it seems likely that... or arguably....

When writing about an opinion or giving an argument, it is a good idea to show some degree of uncertainty.

Using this technique helps show how strongly the writer feels about a particular subject, or the strength of the opinions and claims made.

This also results in a more academic style and makes the arguments seem more mature, less simplistic.

In the following EXAMPLE, the language is TOO STRONG... and seems more like the way a primary school kid would write:


Students who study hard will pass the IELTS exam but lazy students will not.


1) It is TOO Strong

2) It may not always be true

3) It looks a little childish


1) Students who study hard are more likely to pass the IELTS exam than lazy students.

2) Students who study hard tend to be more successful in passing the IELTS exam than lazy students.

3) It appears reasonable to presume that students who study hard usually get better results on the IELTS as compared to lazier students.

4) It is widely believed that hard working students have a good chance to pass the the Ielts exam, while lazy students are less likely to do well.


The statistics prove that wearing helmets reduces the number of head injuries to cyclists.


1) The word PROVE is too strong. It is not a good idea to use very strong words like this in an essay, even if you are talking about statistics or research.


1) The statistics seem to (or strongly) suggest that wearing helmets may reduce the number of head injuries to cyclists.

2) If the statistics are accurate, it could be argued that wearing helmets probably reduces the number of head injuries to cyclists.

3) The statistics show that the number of head injuries has declined. One reason for this could be that the large majority of motorbike drivers now wear helmets.

4) The statistics show that the number of head injuries has declined. Therefore, it seems safe to assume that wearing helmets is an important factor in reducing the number of head injuries.

I hope you can see the benefits of using this kind of language:

Look at these ADVANTAGES

1) It makes your argument more reasonable and therefore, stronger.

2) It makes your writing look more academic.

3) It can increase your grammar and vocabulary scores.

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