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Online IELTS Speaking: Skype or Video?

More and more students are choosing to improve their IELTS speaking score with the use of online teachers.

So, what are the differences and advantages to skype or video lessons?


In a Skype IELTS simulation, students have the opportunity to practice their skills in real-time IELTS exam conditions. Students can also get immediate feedback from their teacher. In fact, these classes are very similar to traditional, face-to-face private classes, but there are also some added advantages.


The most obvious advantage is that students can study from the comfort of their own homes, which can save time and money for transportation. In addition, many online teachers are quite flexible and often available, even at late hours or on weekends. Furthermore, online teachers tend to be very professional and prepared to customize their classes to their students' needs.

A further great benefit of online classes is that it is easier to a find a suitable teacher for your needs. Online teachers tend to advertize their expertise and strengths, so students can look around for the perfect teacher, even if that teacher lives half a world away.

Some students may get very nervous when going into the real IELTS speaking exam. Getting experience under exact exam conditions online is a great way to overcome this nervousness.

At IELTS PRO, students can get an exact evaluation of their band score. This allows students to know if they are ready to take the exam or if they need more practice. Students also get expert advice on exactly the areas they need to improve. Students can take as many classes as they wish until they feel they have mastered the skills to get the score they want.

IELTS Speaking exam simulations are also a great way to get last minute practice before the exam.


In an IELTS PRO video class, the teacher will send the student (you) a set of real IELTS speaking questions from each part of the exam. You record your responses. If you are not happy with the results, record again! You can keep recording until you are happy with your performance. ONE RULE THOUGH: Students should never edit (cut and paste) to eliminate errors or problems with fluency, etc.


The main advantage of this form of lesson is that it allows for self-analysis and evaluation. When students watch their own performance, they may notice problems with fluency, pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary. When students re-record their video, they should be aware of these issues and try their best to improve. They can even show the video to their friends for feedback before sending it to IELTS PRO.

Once the video is sent, I will review the video in real time with the student, pointing out areas that need to be improved and supply valuable tips and links so that the student can continue to improve at home or with friends before trying again, or doing the real IELTS exam.

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