Send me your Writing and you will receive:

1) a detailed evaluation according to public band scores
2) an analysis of strong and weak points
3) tips and tricks to improve your band score
4) detailed grammar correction
5) valuable links to exercises to improve your score


  • You have 3 options for sending me our writing task:


    1)  Send me a sample of your writing.  It could be from any task 1 writing that you see online or in a book.   It could even be a homework assignment from your teacher!


    2)  Download and choose one of the task 1 questions.  You can downoad them here.


    3)  Request a random exercise.   I will send you a task 1 exercise.  You can choose from:

    • a graph
    • a table
    • a map
    • a process diagram
    • a combination of the above
    • a random exercise
  • If you have any questions about your writing analysis, please send me an email or post your question on my writing page or on facebook